The Giant Hatpin Collection


January 3, 2002

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Group 1

Cartoon and fictional characters

Group 2


Group 3

Beverage pins

Group 4

Assorted company logo pins

Group 5

Foreign Pins

Group 6

Safety pins

Group 7

Company Service pins

Group 8

Transportation and Utilities

Group 9

Souvenier pins-Eastern USA

Group 10

Souvenier pins-Western USA

Group 11

Special event pins

Group 12

Medical related items

Group 13

Sports related pins

Group 14

Olympic pins

Group 15

Boy & Girl Scouting

Group 16

Military pins

Group 17

Aviation pins

Group 18


Group 19

Police and Weapons

Group 20

Union pins

Group 21

Postage Stamps

Group 22

Civic Organizations

Group 23

Specialty Clubs, Groups, and Organizations

Group 24

Political and Patriotic pins

Group 25


Group 26

Higher Education

Group 27

Coats of Arms and Family Crests

Group 28

Religious pins

Group 29

Oddball Pins

all the rest that aren't easily categorized


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