Where to Trade Pins...

(Links to pin traders, collectors, and manufacturers)

Here is a (>250K) pic of my current pins for trade.  Let me know if you see anything you might want.

These are my Hard Rock pins.

I'm not the only Pinhead on the net. Go visit"Pintraders.Net"- A Network for
Pin Traders and Collectors!  Includes live chat, links, pin store, and email list discussion group.

Another great pin store & Olympic pin link is at Pindemonium. Click the banner to visit!

And then there's  (one of my favorite pin sources!)

Individual Web Pages & Email Links

Gold Medal Collectibles  has lists of upcoming pin club's and shows

Check Ross's site for a list of other traders and collectors. There you can find links to others with specialty collections, like Olympic pins, Hard Rock pins, etc.

Find other pin collectors at Corey and Laura's site

Here is the Pin Traders Paradise. Great for Olympic pins and related links.

More Olympic pins at Pins-Pins-Pins.com

The Collector- A bulletin board for pin collectors!

Richard Shehorn's pin collecting pages

E-mail Ivar, in Norway to trade for pins that he has. Particularly, Olympic, Coke, Police, and beer stuff.

If your interested in Air Medical pins, visit Jon'spage.

Also, Steve Melvin has lot's of aeromedical pins to trade.

Here is Scott's Olympic Pin trading page.

Or try... Jean Buckle's pin collecting page.

This is Rocky's Hard Rock Pin page.


Carmen Perrotta's site.

Contact Tony to buy or trade for a nice Kite Festival pin from the U.K.

Here's Michael Miller's pages of pins for sale.

And there's also a  Dr. Michael Miller's  pin pages.

Go to Italy to see Marco's pin pages.

Buy Olympic pins at David's Pin Store

And there's more at Mark's Olympic Pins

Lisa has Sydney 2000 Olympic pins

Commercial Sites

Here's a British location for sports pins- PG's International Novelty Shop

Get military & aviation pins from Semper Fi Vic

Try US Pin "The Best of America" on Lapel Pins
Stock & Custom


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