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About the Collection...

Welcome to the home of the first pin related web page on the internet. The pins on this site are intended for display only. You are welcome to inquire about them or comment on what interesting thing you might have to add to their descriptions.

My web site began as a way to learn HTML and as an excuse to go buy a scanner. As with many hobbies, it kinda' got out of control. Since going on the Net, it has been featured as a Net Site of Note by USA Today, rated "A-" by The Net magazine, and shown on CNN's web site. This exposure led to a sudden expansion of the collection thanks to many who have sent in pins.

From the Index page you can select a category of pin types that you might be interested in. Click on the highlighted text to view the pins. Most of the images have been "shrunk" using GifWizard so hopefully they will load quickly.

The collection now consists of about 4500(and counting) hatpins, lapel pins, and tie tacks representing various facets of life. I have about 2800 of them scanned and on the web pages. From sports to scouts, from commercial to community clubs, from military to nostalgia, pins that have represented their owners interests and passions are here on display. Many of the pins are hyperlinked to the web page of the donor of that particular pin.

I have collected these over the past 11 years from friends, Net Surfers, co-workers, flea markets, souvenir stands, gift stores, and antique shops. Some were earned by me or relatives. The oldest dated pin is from 1924. There are pins from all over the world.

I do have a few traders from time to time and they can be seen here.



  YOU can become part of this collection. Simply send in one (or several) of your pins and I will include them in a regularly updated group dedicated to internet donors; on display for the world to see and appreciate. (Much better than lying around in some drawer, don't you think?) You will receive full credit and I will add a link to your page if you wish. Big deal, Eh?
Check here for a look at the most recent Web community donations.




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This page looks best when viewed with some type of web browser! (I use Netscape and made it so it looks good to me;) All contents, are Copyright (C) 2000 by Bob Hemsath.... Fletcher, North Carolina.

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